KPC Introduction

Karachi press club was the first established in December 1958 by a group of enthusiastic journalists in a Victorian style bungalow on what was then the Ingle Road now Sarwar shaheed Road.

By the time, it proved its utmost importance in society while maintaining both annul elections within press club bodies and providing promising environment for journalists and democratic groups to meet, share and protest against non-democratic norms.

KPC provides a forum for the discussion of people, events and information of interest to the general public, media and related fields.

Besides, Council members who are working journalists, including editors, reporters, director news and bureau chiefs, has associate and honorary members.

The Club has also played active role in promoting people-to-people contact and durable and continuing peace in the South Asia.

Karachi Press Club (KPC), which is family club of over thousands of journalists of the city, practices democracy and supports democracy

Message From Secretary

KARACHI PRESS CLUB is a family club of the journalists of Karachi, where they gather to enjoy, cheer and share their happiness and achievements. We are committed to provide an enabling environment where members may enjoy along with their families by participating in different programs, including family gatherings, sports, recreational and other activities.

We also strongly believe in democracy. We not only practice it by regularly holding annual elections to elect our office-bearers and members of the governing body but also extend our support to the democratic forces of the country for strengthening democracy. KPC is the center of freedom of expression, where all come in order to voice their issues.

Arman Sabir
Secretary, KPC

Message From President

KARACHI PRESS CLUB supports democratic forces to promote peace and stability.

KPC, primarily a family club, had been at the forefront to raise voice for journalists as well as common man. The KPC has complete capacity building program for the journalist fraternity of the city, under which we regularly hold seminars, workshops and different training programs.

Our rule of thumb is to protect the freedom of speech and uphold the noble cause with determination and good faith.

We are proud to be at the forefront in the struggle for democracy.

Imtiaz Khan Faran

Scheduled and Upcoming Events
Nehal Hashmi Addressing
KARACHI: Leader of PML (N) Nehal Hashmi addressing a press conference at Press club. – Photo by Saeed Qureshi